Computerised Voting System

As they say, the LSA elections get better and better every year and this year we, Archit and I, revolutionized the student council elections by carrying out the process electronically instead of the ballot paper method used every year.

Finally, the much awaited Computerised Voting System (CVS) was implemented successfully in the school today. The council elections were carried out in a much smoother and modern way. We saved on time, effort, paper and whole lot of sweat. This was the first time in India that such a thing was done, and while being modern and user-friendly, it was also eco-friendly as it saved a lot of paper that would have been used up as ballot paper.

Earlier, the voting used to be carried out as follows – the ballot papers would be issued to all the students, the students would fill in their chosen nominees, the voting would be held where the students dropped their ballot into a ballot box. Then, the ballot box would be opened, and the ballots would be counted by hand. There was a lot of margin for error, corruption and cheating.

And now, students came class by class, selected their candidates, hit vote and returned to their class. As soon as all students had voted, the Voting Overseer logged in using the administrator account and was able to obtain the result at once, and that too in a visually appeasing manner.

Main Screen

CVS consists of the following sections –

» Voting Area
The Voting Section of the respective houses is accessed with the help of a unique authentication code which was provided to the students by the teacher-in-charge. This screen consists of the respective House Captain and Vice Captain nominees together with the candidates of the Head Council. The voter would hereby select their chosen contestants for each post and then press the Vote button and hence, the vote would be recorded.

Vote Authentication

Voting Screen

The Vote Password Section is used to set the initial password for the vote authentication and this is auto-incremented by a fixed number which is pre-decided and coded in after the casting of each vote.

Voting Password

» Admin Area
The Nominee Details section has the option to edit the various candidate’s details and is used to set up the contestant’s information before the election. It allows for the setting up of the First name, Last name, picture path and whether the enter is enabled.

Nominee Details Page

The Result Section comprises of 2 options – the Vote Detail and the Council Tree section.

  • The Vote Detail section comprises of a screen similar to the voting one with the contestants’ names, pictures and votes received and the names are arranged in order of votes received, i.e. the one with the highest votes is on the left side.

Vote Details Page

  • The Council Tree section comprises of a screen with a “Reveal Post” button, on clicking this, the school council is revealed one by one in a tree form.

Council Tree

The DB Merge section is for merging the databases of each house into one compiled database for the viewing of the comprehensive results after a voting session.

DB Merge

The Reset Votes section is to be accessed before the start of a voting session to reset all the votes and set them to 0. This can be done for all posts, or a specific house, as the user wishes.

Vote Reset

The Administration section allows the changing of passwords for the admin and house login usernames and displays the access level granted to each.

Administration Area

» Media Coverage

The Media showed a lot of interest in our Computerised Voting System and a couple of articles were published in some of the leading newspapers of the country :

The Hindustan Times

The Hindustan Times

Metro, The Telegraph

Metro, The Telegraph

The Times of India

The Times of India

Dainik Vishvamitra

Dainik Vishvamitra

CVS was developed by Archit Tantia and Shubhangam Agrawal (me) jointly over a period of 2 months with Visual Basic as the programming language.

For more information or a working copy of this software please contact me @ shubhangam dot gmail dot com OR Archit via his contact form.

» Download

You can now download the Computerised Voting System

The .NET framework 2.0 is needed for execution of this program. (mirror)

Version 2.0 :

[mc src=”” type=”file”/]

Login with admin / password

This is released as free software under the GPL v3.0

Source Code :

[mc src=”” type=”file”/]

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